Thursday, January 27, 2011

Infinity Scarf Fashion

  I was looking for an inexpensive knit jersey, having a circle aka infinity scarf in mind.  I found a brown remnant of it on sale in Joann's. It was perfect for my scarf idea, because it didn't even require cutting. I just stitched the ends together and done!

 Maybe the color is not exciting ( like honeysuckle :) ), but it goes with so many accessories and outfits.

 The other great thing about this scarf is that you can wear it few different ways.

1. long

2. doubled around your neck

3. as a wrap covering your arms

4. as a wrap covering your chest

5. hooded cowl

You can add a flower brooch or a long necklace and change the mood in a jiffy!

It truly is an Infinity Scarf :).

I hope you enjoyed my little fashion show:).

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