Monday, September 26, 2011

MyMemories Digital Scrapbook Software GIVEAWAY! - CLOSED

      As a Mom of three children, I try to document every special ( and those ordinary too ) moments of their lives. My Husband and I already enjoy going through the pictures of our first born, when she was a tiny baby. Three months ago we welcomed our first Son into our Family.  I cherish those memories. They make us. They make our Family.
                      Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve those memories. But I have to admit, when I think of pulling out glue, glitters, stickers and all those stacks of paper - I envision myself cleaning the mess up afterwards ( because, let's face it - I am not going to be the only one playing with the glue and glitter here:) ). That's where a digital scrapbooking comes in. No mess to clean up? Sign me up! I can stop my project any time and come back to it when I have time again. No shiny sparkles to wipe off.


                          I have visited the MyMemories website many times in the past, but when they offered me their software for a giveaway - I was thrilled! I have created several projects with it already. Let me tell you - this software is AMAZING! It is like a CS version of Photoshop for photographers, but it is for scrapbookers.                 
                         This software allows you to go beyond photos. You can use movies to create your scrapbook. Add music and narration and BAM! Talk about preserving memories. Burn it onto a CD or DVD and you have a wonderful gitf for the upcoming Holiday season!

    I am making a recipe book for my Girls, with all of their favorites. I can print it out and put it on a CD. But you can go even further and create an online recipe book for your cooking club or a group of friends. The MyMemories Suite allows you to use videos - talk about an interactive cookbook!

                   It has everything a scrapbooker needs - all in one place. You can create one page or a whole album. It has  a wide range of tools that will help you create a one of a kind designs.
                   One of my favorite features is saving the embellishments and papers I use the most into a Favorites folder. This way I can access them quickly and easily.

                    It doesn't get better than this when it comes to a digital scrapbook software.

                    Now onto the giveaway! If you would like to win MyMemories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software - do the following:

How to enter the giveaway:

1. Subscribe to Petite Darlings blog by RSS or e-mail. Let me know in comment you did so.
2. Go to MyMemories website, browse through their paper packs and layouts.
3. Come back here and in a comment let me know which product is your favorite.

For extra entries:

1. Join me on Google Friend Connect - on the right hand side. Leave a comment.

2. Follow MyMemories on Facebook / Twitter or their Blog and let me know in a comment you did so.

             The giveaway will run for a whole week. It closes next Monday, October 3rd at 11:59pm.

                The winner of the giveaway will be e-mailed with the instructions on downloading the software within 24 hours after the giveaway is closed.

               If you do not win the giveaway, you can still get the software at a discount.  MyMemories provided a special coupon code for all the Petite Darlings blog readers. You get a $10 discount off the purchase of the MyMemories Suite Scrapbook Software vs.2! How cool is that? :) But wait! That's not all. It also gives you $10 coupon for the store. That makes it a $20 value in coupon! Now you can purchase the software and your favorite paper pack or layout! :) Coupon code:  STMMMS12540  
( Copy and paste this code to avoid any typos. ) Spread the love: share this code with your friends and family!

       Go to MyMemories website to take advantage of this great offer!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Easy decorative wreath 2 - tutorial

        There was a brilliant idea for a wreath base floating on Pinterest. It was so brilliant that I had to try it. It works great and you just can't beat the cost. You can get 6 feet of foam tubing for less than a dollar ( if you go with the smaller diameter ). Cutting it in half gives you two pieces ( 3 feet each ), perfect for two wreaths.
     The idea of using a foam tubing from a home improvement store comes originally from this blog. Once you tape the ends together to form a circle - the possibilities are endless from there. I used a felt strip to wrap around the tubing and added felt rosettes and felt leaves.

Let's start!

Take your foam tubing and tape it's ends together to form a circle. Now you have your base! Cool, isn't it? :)

Cut a 2" wide strip along the length of your felt. The longer the better.

Start wrapping your felt strip starting where you taped the tubing ends together. Add a dub of hot glue on each end, attaching the strip to the base of your wreath.

 My piece wasn't long enough to go all the way around. Actually, I had to use three strips of felt to cover the whole base. I made sure that all three beginnings of the new strips was in the back of the wreath.

Now that we have our base covered, let's make the decorations!
Cut out your leaves. I didn't use a template here. I am sure you can find one but it is really easy to free-form it.

Cut 4" x 4" squares out of felt. This will be for the rosettes. Cut as many as you want - I had 8 pieces.

Take each square, round the corners and cut out a thin strip going in spiral motion. ( see below ).

Roll your strip until a rosette is formed.

Add your flowers and leaves. Arrange them until you are happy with the look. Then take your hot glue gun and glue every piece in place.

You are done! Enjoy your new, cheap but fun wreath!

          This is just one of a few ideas on using this base that I will be posting on my blog. Make sure you come back to see them! Of course, if you will get inspired by my tutorial, feel free to post a link to your results in comments below.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Time4Learning - the review

            If you are a parent who homeschools or does a lot of afterschool activities with your child / children, you will like the Time4Learning program. It is an online home education program for homeschool, afterschool and summer study, for grades Pre-K through 8th.  As a parent , you can track your child's progress and be easily involved in their activities. This program will work for a lot of families, as it is very flexible and gives your child the ability to learn in a comfort of their own home. It is a web based program, so no need to download the software or buy CD's. It is student-paced, which to me is very important.        
         Recently, I had a chance to try it for 30 days. I signed up my 5 year-old daughter for a 1st grade level and my 2 year-old daughter for a kindergarten level.

               Audrey, the oldest one, had lots of fun with science. She can count to 100 and more, she knows her alphabet and sounds of the letters, so the language and math part wasn't really challenging her. But she loved to learn about animals, weather and time.

               Vivienne, our 2 year-old, liked the characters, liked singing songs with them and repeat the nursery rhymes, so the language part was the most fun for her. She can count to 12 and knows the alphabet, but science was a little to advanced for her.

               I signed them both up for levels higher than their age groups indicate. Because they learn a lot at home, I wanted to see on what level they really are. I realize that 30 days is not enough to do every activity, but we focused on those subjects that were the most interesting to us.

              The program has a room for improvement, but overall I was very pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an online education program for their children.

Note: This opinion is entirely my own and the content was not written by Time4Learning, but I was compensated.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


                   Attention scrapbookers! I have an amazing giveaway coming up, so you might want to sign up for updates from Petite Darlings. That way you will not miss it!

                  In the mean time, I invite you to visit my new blog - Crunchy Creamy Sweet. It's all about baking and it's up and running.

                 Here is a sneak peak of what you can find there:)

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