Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to use fabric flowers

I have become quite the fabric flower fanatic. I make them whenever I have the chance. From frayed cotton rosettes, to felt poppies, to satin yo yos. I have tons!
So what do you do now? After making hair accessories for my daughters ( who by the way won't leave the house without them:)), applying them to several of my Fall season outfits and playing with new trendy ideas for home decor, I have decided to make a list. A list of all the uses for fabric flowers I can think of. I have counted 30 of them!
Here they are:
5.bobby pins
7.decorate picture frame
8.decorate mirror
9.decorate bags/totes/backpacks
10.decorate shoes onto a shirt/tee/blouse onto a skirt/pants onto a ponytail holder
14.decorate greeting cards onto napkin holders
16.decorate the table
17.make a table centerpiece onto a scarf onto a jacket onto a wrap
21.add to decorative wreath
22.use in scrapbooking
23.glue onto barettes
24.make fascinators onto belts
26.give away as party favors
27.make bouquets
28.use in creating seating cards
29.add them to your curtains
30.add to real branches and put in a vase

I am sure this list will grow. Just like my collection of fabric flowers:)

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  1. Thank you, you wrote my story for me, I do the same thing, and now i decided to show my fabric flowers to others and sell what i made. I liked your list, i was just making one when i saw yours and now i just need to go to Lincraft