Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Storm in Kansas

                My New Year's resolution was to cut down on sugar this year. I love baking and have a very sweet tooth and I probably use too much sugar in my coffee and tea. So I decided to cut down on it. I put only one teaspoon of sugar ( and try not to make it heaping:) ) and use apple sauce over cereal. My husband doesn't like sweets so no problem for him. My daughters don't seem to mind less sugar either.

                I used to bake cookies as soon as the previous batch was gone. With the Valentine's Day, our Anniversary and our daughter's second birthday coming up - I wanted to wait with baking till then.

                But then....... this awful winter storm hit Kansas and we were stuck in the house for 3 days. SO... We decided to make cookies. ( Ok, I decided:) ). Just a little sweetness in this dreadful weather.

                 We went for a healthier version - oatmeal cookies. I stuck to my resolution and used less sugar. I skipped the brown sugar and used only 3/4 of a cup of white sugar.

                  I have to say we really enjoyed them and didn't mind less sugar in them at all :)

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