Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feature Me Tuesday - LollyChops!!!

         If you read my blog, you know I am a big fan of LollyChops and her blog. She is one of the most creative paper crafters and bloggers out there. And she is the Queen of Teal. :)
         I asked Lolly if she would agree to an interview, and she said yes!! So here it is: my interview with Lolly Chessie aka LollyChops. I hope you will enjoy it.

1. When did you start crafting?

I started doing arts and crafts with my mom when I was just 4! She was into oil painting and ceramics and would let me paint rocks and mugs with her!

2. Where do you find inspiration for all of your wonderful projects?

As silly as this sounds, I find inspiration everywhere I look! I don’t think I could pinpoint one single place or thing. I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere so I can take notes as inspiration strikes!

3. How does your creative process look like?

I get the BEST ideas around 4am. I usually wake up early on the weekends and lay in bed thinking. Once an idea hits me I run to the craft room to either start working on it or jot it down in my sketchbook!

4. What would be your advice for beginners - paper carfters ( like me:) )?

Start simple. Look at online paper craft galleries for inspiration. Take note of what you like and use elements from what you see out there in your own projects. Before too long you’ll have your own style going!

5. What would be on the must-have list of tools for every paper crafter?

To me it would have to be a rotary paper cutter. I like the Fiskars rotary cutter the best… it’s super sharp and does not leave jaggy edges. I cannot stand jaggy edges!

6. What is the most common supply in your craft studio?

Hot glue. I keep it plugged in and next to me at all times (turned off of course when I am not using it!!). It’s my go to craft supply! I buy bags and bags of glue sticks!

7. What is your favorite tool? What is still on your wish list?

My favorite tool is my computer and my Cricut (mostly because I can design my own shapes and cut them out!

I am on the hunt for a new cutting machine… pondering a Pazzles possibly. So that’s on my wish list!

8. And finely, why teal, Lolly? :)

Cause it’s the best color on the planet! Why else!!!

     Isn't she amazing? Don't you just adore all her projects? I sure do!

     Thank you Lolly for this interview and for all the advice. It was fun!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Decor Part 1 - Butterflies

Today I am featuring a project for a wall decor.  If you love butterflies - you will love this!

I am a big fan of LollyChops and her blog. I love her butterflies projects and the embroidery hoops project.

I combined the two and this beauty was born:

I am sure that punching out the butterflies would save a lot of time, but I really like the stamp I used.

The butterflies are simply hot glued to the frame of the hoop. I backed the whole thing with a stamped cardstock.

This project is so versatile. You can use fabric instead of cardstock, you can frame a photo or a paper flower this way.

( I think Lolly will be happy to see teal in this project :D ).

Thank you for visiting! Have a great day!


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Monday, July 4, 2011

And then there were five...

            Three weeks ago my Husband and I welcomed our third child into the Family. We have a BOY! I can't even begin to describe how happy we are. We didn't want to know the gender before the baby was born. This made for a big surprise and a very happy moment for my Husband. :)
           Our Girls are very excited to have a Little Brother. The youngest one keeps saying: "Isn't he adorable!" :) The oldest one sings lullabies and reads stories to her Little Brother. We truly have amazing kids.
           Having a baby boy opens up a totally different world in front of me. It's not pink, ruffles, dolls and dresses anymore. Now it's time to find that tutorial for boy shorts, hidden among tons of bookmarked links on my computer :).

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