Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinterest Finds Friday

           If you ever run out of creative juices - try Pinterest!

           It's the fastest growing website where you can create your own boards and pin the things you love. If you need an invitation, let me know. You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.

          I should warn you though - this website is addicting!

          You have been warned :)

         Let's start wit DIY and crafts, shall we?

     1. DIY and Crafts

        We all could use a new bag once in a while ( ok, more like once a week ) but there is no reason to spend your hard earn money on them. You can make a fabulous bow clutch that will rock your fashion world!

        Now how about a head wrap for all those cute hair do's that you already pinned? :) You can make a cute wrap by following this tutorial.

     2. Fashion

       I am totally loving this belt, and this dress, and this whole outfit.

    3. Food

      Breakfast: Double Berry Creme Fraiche Scones. Say that again!  These scones are the perfect start to any day!

      Lunch:  Stuffed Baguette. Now that's a lunch!

     Dinner:  Greek-Style Chicken Wraps with Homemade Tzatziki. This is one of our favorite dishes ever!

     Dessert: S'more Pie. Should I say anything else?

    So you have a fabulous clutch that you made yourself, a gorgeous outfit to go with it and a fantastic menu to feed your soul and body. I say you are set!

   Have a great day!

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