Friday, September 23, 2011

Easy decorative wreath 2 - tutorial

        There was a brilliant idea for a wreath base floating on Pinterest. It was so brilliant that I had to try it. It works great and you just can't beat the cost. You can get 6 feet of foam tubing for less than a dollar ( if you go with the smaller diameter ). Cutting it in half gives you two pieces ( 3 feet each ), perfect for two wreaths.
     The idea of using a foam tubing from a home improvement store comes originally from this blog. Once you tape the ends together to form a circle - the possibilities are endless from there. I used a felt strip to wrap around the tubing and added felt rosettes and felt leaves.

Let's start!

Take your foam tubing and tape it's ends together to form a circle. Now you have your base! Cool, isn't it? :)

Cut a 2" wide strip along the length of your felt. The longer the better.

Start wrapping your felt strip starting where you taped the tubing ends together. Add a dub of hot glue on each end, attaching the strip to the base of your wreath.

 My piece wasn't long enough to go all the way around. Actually, I had to use three strips of felt to cover the whole base. I made sure that all three beginnings of the new strips was in the back of the wreath.

Now that we have our base covered, let's make the decorations!
Cut out your leaves. I didn't use a template here. I am sure you can find one but it is really easy to free-form it.

Cut 4" x 4" squares out of felt. This will be for the rosettes. Cut as many as you want - I had 8 pieces.

Take each square, round the corners and cut out a thin strip going in spiral motion. ( see below ).

Roll your strip until a rosette is formed.

Add your flowers and leaves. Arrange them until you are happy with the look. Then take your hot glue gun and glue every piece in place.

You are done! Enjoy your new, cheap but fun wreath!

          This is just one of a few ideas on using this base that I will be posting on my blog. Make sure you come back to see them! Of course, if you will get inspired by my tutorial, feel free to post a link to your results in comments below.

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